Natural Health 

A range of natural organic health products dedicated to the health and well-being of users (health professionals and individuals).
  • Disinfection
    Bactigreen of GFH is the first and only organic and natural hydroalcoholic gel with no petrochemical ingredients and no allergens. A disinfection range completed by two sprays rich in essential oils
  • Hygiene
    Our hygiene range is designed to provide well-being and care within the context of everyday home life and general hygiene care. Professionals in particular enjoy the pump bottles that are very easy to use.
    Free from additives and parabens, kind to skin and the environment, this range combines effectiveness with the authenticity of natural products and fragrances.
  • Diffusion
    Diffusers that respect the quality and properties of essential oils. Ask about our special professional diffusers for large areas.
  • Organic essential oils
    All our essential oils are pure, 100% natural, certified organic and chemotyped and dedicated to the health and well-being of users (health professionals and individuals).
    They are natural aromatic plant extracts obtained by distillation with water vapour or by pressing the zest (for citrus fruit).
    With their specific properties, Green For Health essential oils can help you to:.
    - Nourish, hydrate and repair skin and hair
    - Soothe muscular tension
    - Facilitate healing
    - Stimulate the defences
    - Regulate perspiration
    - Relax
    - Cleanse your environment...
  • Organic vegetable oils
    Our 100% organic plant oils contain no additives or petrochemical ingredients. Pure or mixed with a few drops of essential oils, use them locally or for massages to benefit from their many properties.
  • Bach Flowers
    Elixirs to control negative or blocked emotional states.When recovering from an illness, every ounce of energy is required to gather one's forces and give the body's natural defences every possible chance... An emotion, like anger or fear, requires energy and attention, which can have a negative effect on recovery. GFH invites you to explore these elixirs whose international reputation is firmly established as is their valuable support.
  • Well beeing range
    Take them everywhere you go! GRH roll-ons rich in essential oils are care products to use as often as you like, wherever you like!
  • Massage
    100% pure and organic products for treatments and massages, free from petrochemicals, and to which you can add your choice of essential oils.
  • Bodycare
    A flagship product for GFH, tested and approved by our customers.
  • Deodorization