• Instrumentation
    A range of Instruments and Consumables covering all the needs of users with over 1500 references available.
  • Blood pressure
    A complete range of aneroid tensiometers recognized for their accuracy.
    Spengler, inventor of the 1st Vaquez-Laubry tensiometer, today provides a wide range of prevention and diagnostic equipment for blood pressure such as the latest range of fully electronic tensiometers dedicated to self-measurement.
    Spengler markets diagnostic stations for organisations, pressure measurement models as well temperature and SpO2 models.
    But also outpatient monitors for blood pressure and cuffs.
  • Auscultation
    A range of quality stethoscopes to meet the needs of all health care professionals and paramedical staff.
    Exceptional acoustic sensitivity, single or double, in stainless steel or solid brass, our membranes have high resolution. There is a stethoscope for you, either adult or child, a 5-in-1 model, obstetric or nurse.
    We also have the model which can be decontaminated by immersion, specific to organisations.
  • Ophthalmology and ENT

    Aimed at specialists, for auscultation and home visits.
    Practical and complete, our otoscopes cover a wide range of 4 products, including the Otoscreen wireless video.
    In the ophthalmology range, explore our ophthalmoscope and Clar mirror models.

  • Oxymetry
    Digital oximeters are used for the non-invasive, rapid and reliable monitoring of oxygenation of a patient’s haemoglobin, known as pulse oxygen saturation, SpO2. They also provide a continuous heart beat reading.
  • Operating theatre
    A Hospital range for use in operating theatres, composed of electronic tourniquets and pressure cuffs. The latest models of tourniquets, either single or double track in the 800 series, are high technology devices intended to create and maintain haemostasis in orthopaedic surgery, hand surgery and plastic surgery.
  • Electrocardiograph


  • Consumables
    Explore our diagnostic consumables and single use instruments.
  • Temperature
    Explore the completely new range of Infra-red thermometers providing accurate measurement of body temperature and the evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment administered by doctors as well as the latest range of Digital thermometers with the Spengler colours, dedicated to pharmacies and para-pharmacies.
  • Comfort
    Explore our ranges of equipment to help you with your medical treatments, such as nebulizers, for diseases such as asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), mucoviscidosis, or even pneumocystosis, neurostimulators, pedometers, or the complete range of weight management, and dental health equipment.