Our values

Research and Quality:
No.1 tensiometer for 110 years

For over a century Spengler have been continuing the tradition of manufacturing high-quality tensiometers equipping generations of health professionals. In fact, a "Spengler" is more than just a tensiometer; it is also the heir of a long history. This expertise has evolved over time to ensure there is a tensiometer to suit everyone in the range. This led to Spengler developing the first hand-held tensiometer in 1950.

In the image of its creator and innovator, Spengler enhanced its Vaquez-Laubry© models to improve their shock resistancy and ensure their longevity. The Lian© hand-held tensiometers are recognized for their design and how quickly cuffs can be changed due to their rapid connections. In 2000, the decline in most of these models towards a Clinic© version satisfied the increasing demand for solutions in the fight against hospital-acquired infections. Very much aware of this major health issue, Spengler developed cuffs that could be decontaminated by immersion. Thanks to its history and its privileged relationship with its clients, Spengler continued to invest in quality research.


"Human" values

Confronted with a demanding sector of activity composed of permanent health challenges, we innovate and adapt. In particular, to overcome the challenges, we rely on our no. 1 resource: our employees.

Committed to our employees

Spengler is committed to its employees, regardless of their role or geographical location. Spengler is attentive to working conditions, ensuring no discrimination and the health and safety of employees. We expect each of our employees to demonstrate integrity, loyalty and responsibility. In return, we commit to ensuring that our employees are treated with the greatest respect. We are continuously monitoring this issue.

Environment, social, governance

Our ambition is to be exemplary, not only through the financial performance of our company, but also through our requirements in terms of societal and environmental responsibility.

Spengler, a responsible company:

Spengler is committed to a policy of sustainable development in the following areas:

  • Use of recyclable materials in product design, such as latex-free rubber.
  • Sorting of waste, recycling or reusing cardboard packaging, plastic sachets, recyclable or recycled wedging products.
  • Electrical and electronic waste sorted and collected by a local duly-authorized association.
  • Boxes, crumpled paper (made from recycled paper) to protect goods during transport. Recyclability: 100%


Spengler technology in new products

Thanks to its history, Spengler enjoys excellent recognition in the health arena. The company invests in building the future based on this recognition and continues to develop quality products suited to user requirements. As a result of this, 11 new products will be added to the range this year with fully automatic tensiometers, Tensonic® and Autensio®, digital thermometers for use by all, the TEMPO family and the latest infra-red thermometers, one of which, the TEMPO LASER, is contact-free.