Our product ranges

As a result of the combination of the company Emile Spengler and the eminent professors Vaquez and Laubry, in 1907 the company launched the well-known "Vaquez-Laubry" sphygmotensiometer, named after its creators. Instantly recognizable, particularly with its dial marking, its square cut-cornered leather manometer support, this tensiometer has sold hundreds of thousands of models since its creation. Today, Vaquez-Laubry tensiometers are still unanimously recognized by health professionals in France and abroad, with North Africa and French-speaking African countries adopting it in particular.


The SPENGLER range, dedicated to diagnosis, includes a wide range of medical equipment products for everyone:

A complete range of aneroid tensiometers recognized for their accuracy.

A range of Clinic® products developed by Spengler, this range is dedicated to fighting hospital-acquired infections. It is very much appreciated by organisations.

A range of quality Stethoscopes to meet the needs of all health care professionals and paramedical staff.

new range of Electronic Tensiometers which are fully automatic and easy to use to make self-measurement of blood pressure accessible to all.

A complete ENT range with otoscopes with LED or conventional lighting and essential accessories (speculum, etc.).

Hospital range for use in operating theatres, composed of electronic tourniquets and pressure cuffs.

An Oxymetry range composed of digital oxymeters, enabling non-invasive measurement of pulsed oxygen saturation: SpO2.

A completely new range of Infra-red Thermometers enabling accurate measurement of body temperature and the evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment administered by a doctor.

The latest range of Digital Thermometers with the Spengler colours, dedicated to pharmacies and para-pharmacies.

A range of medical equipment and massage equipment for health professionals, to equip medical clinics and travelling professionals (couches, tables, stools).

A range of Instruments and Consumables LABO FH (logo) covering all the needs of users with over 1500 references available.

A range of natural organic health products dedicated to the health and well-being of users (health professionals and individuals).