Spengler surgical instruments are made of stainless steel grade, AISI 400 type, to guarantee a good performance in time and consistent finish.


Stainless Steel Instruments

All Spengler stainless steel surgical instruments are guaranteed for 5 years against manufacturing defects, provided they have been used for surgical purposes for which they were designed.

Spengler instruments are subject to rigorous quality controls, allowing us to guarantee replacement or repair of faulty products during their warranty period.


To ensure the best durability and efficiency to your instruments, it is necessary to follow the instructions for cleaning and maintenance following :

- Immersion cleaning and disinfection: Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions of the detergent used.

Prolonged solutions in disinfection and sterilization immersion can damage surgical instruments.

Do not soak instruments for more than 20 minutes. To sterilize instruments and make them ready, use a

autoclave cycle.

- Disinfection by autoclaving: Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions of the device used.

All instruments must be cleaned before autoclaving. All their moving parts, such as hinges, should be well lubricated. Only use surgical lubricants (especially no oils). Always sterilize instruments in the open and unlocked. We recommend that instruments are wrapped in cloth and placed in the container or a fabric is placed in the bottom of the tank to absorb the moisture. The fabric should be neutral pH (7) and have no residue or traces of detergent. Finally, avoid sudden cooling, the instruments must dry in the open air, do not be washed or mechanically dried.