Our history

No.1 tensiometer for 110 years. 
From the discovery of blood circulation to the creation 
of the first aneroid Vaquez-Laubry ® tensiometers.

1628 Discovery of blood circulation in the heart! 
By William Harvey who demonstrated that in one hour the heart transports a quantity of blood equal to three times the weight of a body.

1730 Blood pressure is measured for the 1st time!
By Stephen Hales who recorded a measurement with a manometer connected by a cannula to the crural artery of a horse.

1828 First measurements with a mercury manometer!
By Jean-Louis Marie Poiseuille

1905 Development of the method currently used in clinical practice!
By Korotkoff. It involves measuring with a manometer the counter pressure exerted on an artery by an inflatable cuff whilst listening to the sounds of the artery to hear "Korotkoff" sounds.

1907 Formation of the Spengler company

One French industrialist (Emile Spengler) and two famous French cardiologists (Henri Vaquez and Charles Laubry) have joined forces to develop the first aneroid sphygmomanometer: Vaquez-Laubry® .
Tensiomètre Vaquez-Laubry

1950 Spengler creates the first hand-held sphygmomanomater.

1975 Launch of the hospital range.

1990 Widening of the range.

2000 Spengler manufactures the first decontaminable cuffs (Clinic®).

2006 Spengler starts its first generation of electronic blood pressure monitors for self measurement.

2010 New production plant at Issoudun - 3 000m2.

2012 Merger of SPENGLER and GREEN FOR HEALTH companies, specialist of natural healthcare.

2015 Creation of an after-sales department, a SPENGLER approved maintenance center.

2016 The year of new beginnings.