Cardiomate 12 - Electrocardiograph 12 channels


ECG Cardiomate 12® are robust and reliable ECG. Featuring a 10" color screen tilt they allow viewing 12 lead simultaneously. Simple to use, recording and printing ECG are triggered with only one button. The Cardiomate 12® are Cardiomate equipped with the latest technology storage and communication (SD, USB card, network) that can record internally to 10 000 ECG, send them to a computer (optional software) or directly to an external printer.
The Cardiomate 12® are equipped with automatic interpretation and pacemaker detection.
The internal battery life of 3 hours, their lightness and carrying handle make Cardiomate 12® the perfect companion in the office or traveling.

- Carrying handheld.

- Tilting screen :
10-inch color LCD display (resolution: 800x480 px).

- SD card included :
4GB SD card, 10,000 reports of ECG memory in XML / PDF / BMP / JPG / DICOM.

- Autonomy :
The operating life is 1080 ECG.

- Automatic interpretation and intervals calculation.

- Pacemaker detection.

- Network connection, USB & printer.

- Printing and rapid analysis.

- Acquisitions and display 12 simultaneous tracks.

- Alphabetic keypad.