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While the iconic look of the Laubry stethoscope has remained the same since the beginning of the 20th century, its workings have kept pace with the technological innovations developed by Spengler to offer cardiologists and general practitioners a very high precision instrument very much of its time. It helps provide a very efficient diagnosis thanks to the specificities of its Zamak chest-piece. It is available in four colours, including the yellow of our Clinic range, specially designed for use in environments sensitive to nosocomial infections. With its timeless, mobile design, the Laubry is a mythical companion!

stéthoscope médical

A chest-piece designed for performance

The heavy chest-piece made of Zamak, a zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper blend, gives the Laubry stethoscope a very good acoustic wave pickup. It is engraved with the words “Cardiophone Laubry – Spengler” in homage to Charles Laubry, professor of cardiology and co-inventor of the sphygmomanometer in 1907.  Its high-resolution epoxy resin diaphragm enables auscultation of physiological sounds at a wide range of frequencies.

stéthoscope étudiant médecine

A high-fidelity tubing

The Laubry is equipped with a single high-fidelity, high-performance tubing that transmits all frequencies and considerably reduces unwanted noises. The earpieces are made of aluminium, with an ergonomic orientation and tips offering excellent daily comfort. These are the details of Spengler instruments that make practitioners’ hearts beat faster!


Multi-frequency listening

The floating diaphragm offers two levels of listening: light pressure for listening to low frequencies (vascular and cardiac), firm pressure for listening to high frequencies (pulmonary). Yet more versatility of use that meets the daily needs of practitioners and is a sign of Spengler excellence, performance, quality and comfort.

stéthoscope spengler

Stopping cross-contamination

To contribute to the fight against nosocomial infections, one of the national collective priorities, Spengler has developed specific products whose materials, manufacturing techniques and design allow the application of the full cold cleaning and disinfection procedure.
Totally waterproof thanks to its clever ear tips system positioned on the tubing, you can immerse your stethoscope in a suitable solution.

Les avis de nos clients

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Attention to detail

Spengler's latest sphygmomanometer, the MOBI, is the result of many years of design, work, prototyping and testing. Since 1907, we have been paying special attention to detail, the hallmark of a Spengler sphygmomanometer. Magic at your fingertips. The Mobi sphygmomanometer is equipped with our latest generation...

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