Tempo Pro

An Ultra Pro

from Spengler

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Tempo Pro is the Spengler infrared thermometer designed for healthcare professionals. With its compact design and its signature blueberry blue colour, this is the ultra accurate contactless thermometer. It measures body temperature instantly, just a few centimetres away from the patient. Eco-friendly and cost effective, no need for a sensor cover.

3 Tempo pro recadrée

Out in a flash, measured in a flash

With its infrared technology, Tempo Pro allows a highly accurate measurement of patient temperature. At a distance of a few centimetres from the temple, its display instantly shows the temperature and offers a 30 memory storage capacity. An immediate diagnosis is guaranteed to save time for every examination.

2 Tempo pro

A lightweight among the heavyweights

Light, simple and fast reacting so that the everyday relationship with patients is a better one. A compact, accurate and reliable tool for use just like all Spengler instruments.

5 Tempo pro

Tempo Pro is always clean

Without contact to avoid cross-contamination, Tempo Pro is easy to disinfect and always stays clean.

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