Autotensio Arm

Self-measurement and
Spengler precision
at home

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The Autotensio ARM is the SPENGLER instrument for patients who need accurate self-diagnosis. This blood pressure monitor is perfect for the screening or follow-up phases of treatment. At the same time, it provides high measuring accuracy and ease of use. A SPENGLER in every detail.

Autotensio Bras [EN]

The WHO indicator for immediate diagnosis

Thanks to the WHO tricolour indicator, the result obtained can be read in real time. No need for questions, the diagnosis is reliable and precise. In addition, its large backlit display is pleasant to read. What more could you ask for?


A new wide-spectrum cuff

The new cuff covers both M and L sizes with a width of 22 to 42 cm. It can therefore be adapted to the morphology of many patients. It is easy to use on a daily basis for family use in self-diagnosis. A size S cuff is also available as an option.


Automatic and accurate

The Autotensio Arm is fully automatic so it’s not possible to use it wrongly. It’s also very reliable. In addition, three average calculations are available, allowing the precise monitoring of the average morning values.


Precision that can be shared

Family use of the Autotensio Arm blood pressure monitor is facilitated thanks to its double memory of 60 time-stamped measurements. This makes it very easy to switch from Patient 1 to Patient 2 mode without losing any of the previous self-diagnostics. All the SPENGLER expertise at home!

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