Lian Métal

A large dial

that turns



Listen to me

How could a sphygmomanometer be easier to use than the Lian Métal? We designed a large dial, capable of rotating 180° for both right and left-handed people. This sphygmomanometer with spoon is comfortable to use, tough and as high-performance as ever thanks to the high precision Spengler mechanism.

Lian-Metal EN

A large dial for even faster reading

In emergency situations, speed of reading is a definite plus, so on the Lian Métal we have provided an easy-to-read, large format dial with white background and blue numbers. Everything has been thought out for your use. It is because we know how to listen to you that we make instruments that you enjoy working with every day!

tensiometre spengler

Ambidextrous by nature

The LIAN Métal sphygmomanometer is equipped with a large dial that rotates 180° on itself to go from a right-handed to a left-handed practitioner in less than a second! It is its ingenious design that makes it so pleasant to use and easy to handle.

tensiomètre hopital
tensiomètre pédiatrique

A cuff for everyone

Lian Métal is offered with a wide range of cuffs. Six sizes, from XSS for infants to XL for large adults, and in two materials, nylon or cotton, in different colours. Their SPENGLER velcro closure ensures perfect support and practicality of use. From the smallest to the largest, there is always a SPENGLER armband to fit your patient!

tensiomètre brassard
meilleur tensiomètre

Easy and quick connector

Thanks to a connector designed like a screw thread, the cuff can be changed quickly and always provides the right size cuff for any patient. The reliability of your measurement depends on it, and SPENGLER is committed to giving you the best tools for precision medicine.


Endurance in any situation

Made of a highly shock and deformation resistant zink blend and enhanced by a shock absorbing PVC ring, its large dial enables rapid reading. The Lian Métal is robust and its precision stands up to the test of time.

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