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Oxystart is the digital pulse oximeter that puts measurement accuracy within everyone’s reach. Easy to use, it offers a very high level of reliability. Compact and lightweight, it accompanies patients on a daily basis. Focus on performance as with all SPENGLER instruments.


High-fidelity measurements

Equipped with a high sensitivity sensor, the OXYSTART offers very powerful measurement. Its LCD screen with rotating display renders the plethysmography curve. Thanks to research and innovation at the SPENGLER Institute, SPENGLER oximeters are partners of the medical team of the world apnea championships. An essential relationship that means our diagnostic performance stays up top!

oxymetre oxygene

Easy use

A single button, and an automatic switch-off after 5 seconds. Nothing could be easier for use on the move, without forgetting the strap and cover to protect it. OXYSTART will accompany you everywhere and keep you breathing easily.

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Spengler institute

Spengler at the heart of the abyss

A world premiere. During the AIDA 2019 Apnea World Championships, the Spengler pharmaceutical company confirmed its commitment to a spectacular and fascinating discipline. Under the responsibility of Carl Willem, the federal doctor of the French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports (FFESSM), member of the hyperbaric chamber...

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