Tempo Easy

The 3 in 1
infrared thermometer

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TEMPO EASY is the ultra-accurate thermometer in all circumstances. Its infrared technology allows it to take contactless measurements under a wide range of circumstances. It is perfect for taking body temperature instantly, just a few centimetres from the patient’s temple. Easy to use and lightweight, TEMPO EASY removes the need for a probe cover. Easy and precise, an instrument for professionals, signed by SPENGLER.

Thermomètre infrarouge sans contact Tempo Easy

Ultra-pro accuracy

Featuring infrared technology, TEMPO EASY allows immediate and very precise measurement of the patient’s temperature. At a distance of a few centimetres from the temple, its display gives the temperature instantly and offers a capacity of 32 memories.

Thermomètre infrarouge sans contact Tempo Easy

The Swiss knife of temperature measurement

Designed with 3 measuring modes, TEMPO EASY is also suitable for taking the temperature of a surface, such as baby’s bath water for example, or the ambient temperature. This adaptability makes it a high-performance instrument for hospitals and the general public. SPENGLER reliability for everyday use.

Les avis de nos clients

Thermomètre infrarouge sans contact Tempo Easy

Spengler institute

Genesis of marvels

Since its origins in 1907, SPENGLER has invented and revolutionized medical diagnosis with the principle goal of helping all health professionals to improve their accuracy and efficiency in their daily work. New stethoscopes PULSE II, MAGISTER II and CARDIOPRESTIGE II are the incarnations...

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