The most professional oximeter


Go for shocks

Beneath its design look, with 3 colors available, is hidden a compact and robust, shock-resistant oximeter. Perfect to accompany professionals in their daily life.


Ultra smooth to be ultra clean

OXYGO has a smooth design and is quick and easy to clean and disinfect during intensive use. Its large display is easy to read and includes a desaturation indicator.


For young and old

A unique device to adapt to adults and children alike, with the same precision in measurement and practicality that is the hallmark of SPENGLER instruments. The measurement is taken in 10 seconds. The SPENGLER details that make the difference.

Les avis de nos clients


Spengler institute

Spengler at the heart of the abyss

A world premiere. During the AIDA 2019 Apnea World Championships, the Spengler pharmaceutical company confirmed its commitment to a spectacular and fascinating discipline. Under the responsibility of Carl Willem, the federal doctor of the French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports (FFESSM), member of the hyperbaric chamber...

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