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Get a featherweight version of the first sphygmomanometer invented with professors Henri Vaquez and Charles Laubry that revolutionized the medical world in 1907. Our Vauqez-Laubry Nano sphygmomanometer is a blood pressure monitor that makes no compromises on practicality and precision.
Equipped with a high-precision “watchmaking” mechanism and a large ABS dial, it provides comfort and precision like all Spengler instruments. The large volume of the pear enables fast inflation, and the double tubing allows a linear pressure increase. Its signature is the proof, this is your first Spengler, welcome to the world of instruments that make the difference.

VL-Nano EN

Light but strong

Mobile product by excellence, the Vaquez-Laubry Nano is a cuff sphygmomanometer equipped with a high-precision “watchmaking” mechanism and a large ABS dial, all protected with anti-shock foam. The perfect combination of lightness, solidity and reliability of measurement. Take it out of the surgery. Its precision will accompany you everywhere!

tensiomètre brassard

A cuff for everyone

Our Vaquez-Laubry Nano sphygmomanometer is available in three cuff sizes and in two different ranges: Black Oxford Nylon or Clinic Yellow.

As the accuracy of a sphygmomanometer depends on correct cuff fit on the patient’s arm, every practitioner will find the ideal size for their patients from the S, M or L cuffs. The Oxford nylon range is perfect for classic use and brings comfort and ease of maintenance. The Clinic Yellow range is especially adapted to healthcare institutions prone to healthcare-associated infections.

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tensiomètre brassard

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Mobi wins the RED DOT AWARD 2019

While the aneroid (mechanical) sphygmomanometer, invented by Emile Spengler, has been used by almost all health professionals since 1907, it has not changed significantly for more than a century. The new MOBI sphygmomanometer...

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