Pulse 2,

Light but not

in its accuracy

Listen to me

Coming out of our research with engineers from the Ecole Centrale and the Acoustics Laboratory in Marseille, France, Pulse II is part of our new range of stethoscopes and pushes the limits of medical diagnosis and allows you to hear the imperceptible! PULSE II offers perfect lightness without sacrificing the precision of acoustic sound. Its double aluminium chest-piece, aluminium headset and high-resolution diaphragm offer daily comfort for practitioners who are often on the move. Light, but precise! Pink, coral, blueberry or carbon coloured, choose the aesthetic that you’ll have with you every day.


Featherweight chest-piece

A double chest-piece, adult chest-piece and bell-shaped chest-piece, designed in aluminium to be light and comfortable for everyday use, but without compromising the Spengler precision. The chest-piece has an anti-cold ring for patient comfort, a high-resolution diaphragm and is connected to a single tubing with a high-performance conduit. The ear tips are made of silicone and the earpieces have been redesigned to be more ergonomic. Because every detail matters to us, and every detail brings you performance and comfort every day.

meilleur stéthoscope

Single or double chest-piece, the choice is yours

The new Pulse 2 stethoscopes deliver exceptional acoustics, making it possible to perceive the imperceptible. Available in single or double chest-piece format, we have brought the same auscultation finesse to these precision instruments.

stéthoscope spengler
stéthoscope coeur

A strong bumper

The PULSE II’s double chest-piece, equipped with shock protection, is designed for mobile use outside the practice. The ring covers the bell to absorb shocks and reduce deformation. Another Spengler detail that makes your life easier every day, saving you time and comfort!

stéthoscope pédiatrique

Small is cute

Available in a pediatric version, Pulse II offers perfect lightness without sacrificing acoustic precision. With its colourful and humorous look, it supports practitioners who work with children.

Les avis de nos clients

stéthoscope pédiatrique

Spengler institute

Genesis of marvels

Since its origins in 1907, SPENGLER has invented and revolutionized medical diagnosis with the principle goal of helping all health professionals to improve their accuracy and efficiency in their daily work. New stethoscopes PULSE II, MAGISTER II and CARDIOPRESTIGE II are the incarnations...

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