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Wall-mounted or wheeled stand, the MAXI+3 is the SPENGLER sphygmomanometer designed for medical establishments looking for perfect accuracy for a sedentary product. Simple to use, with a 147 mm dial, a 2.5 meter double spiral tubing, the MAXI+3 meets all the criteria of comfort and precision that go to make the SPENGLER signature.

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Large dial for distance reading

When time is of the essence, quick and easy reading, even from a distance, ensures an accurate diagnosis. The MAXI+3 monitor offers perfect comfort thanks to its 147 mm dial. White background and black numbers make it clear and precise.

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3 cuff sizes

The MAXI+ is available in cuff sizes from S to L to ensure that you always have a cuff of the right size for any patient. This is the only way to guarantee measurement reliability.

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A high-precision mechanism

Like all SPENGLER sphygmomanometers, the MAXI+3 is provided with our high-precision “watchmaking” mechanism. Blood pressure measurement has been our business since 1907, and every day we work with you to improve both the comfort of use and the reliability of our instruments.


A large pear for faster inflation

The volume of the pear that speeds up the diagnosis and the double tubing offers a linear pressure increase. The MAXI+3 has maximum benefits and is very much in line with the SPENGLER instrument tradition!

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While the aneroid (mechanical) sphygmomanometer, invented by Emile Spengler, has been used by almost all health professionals since 1907, it has not changed significantly for more than a century. The new MOBI sphygmomanometer...

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