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The cuff of the Mobi sphygmomanometer includes the revolutionary “LIFE LINK®” connector, allowing the cuff to be changed in an instant to adapt it to the patient. Its new shape allows instant reading of the size index. Designed in TPU, the Mobi cuff offers weight savings and ease of cleaning and disinfection.

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A small detail, great innovation

The new shape of the Mobi cuff, once wrapped around the arm, makes the vertical size index clearly visible. If the index is positioned within the range, your cuff is perfectly adapted to your patient. If the index is out of range, change the cuff. Another Spengler detail that makes the difference.


A revolutionary connector

The magnetic tubing allows you to change the cuff in one quick and easy action. Because accuracy is always at the heart of our promise, and because accurate measurement requires the right cuff size, we have developed a new Life Link® tubing that allows you to change the cuff in an instant. Thanks to an ergonomic and robust connection system, you gain in comfort and performance.

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Spengler institute

Mobi wins the RED DOT AWARD 2019

While the aneroid (mechanical) sphygmomanometer, invented by Emile Spengler, has been used by almost all health professionals since 1907, it has not changed significantly for more than a century. The new MOBI sphygmomanometer...

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