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The Smartled 5500 otoscope is a portable, very high precision instrument that provides exceptional light thanks to its dual LED and fiber optic technology, with a colorimetry of 4000 K and a CRI (colour rendering index) of 95 out of 100. Designed in conjunction with practitioners, here Spengler is offering an ultra high-performance and easy-to-use otoscope for perfect medical examination. Spengler excellence in your pocket!

otoscope led

And then there was light !

With an output of 50,000 lumens, the Smartled 5500 is known for its remarkable brightness.
The LED bulb is crimped and has a life of 55,000 hours. In addition, the fiber optics means this LED comes into its own, offering a maximum observation window and direct glare-free illumination of the ear canal and eardrum. Such light intensity ensures extremely accurate diagnosis.


Get ready to see large

Fitted with a 3x magnifying glass, Smartled 5500 allows you to see what is normally imperceptible.  A further detail of Spengler’s diagnostic accuracy.

otoscope connecté

To see all the colours

Developed with the Spengler Institute and the Spengler LAB, the colorimetry of 4000 Kelvin allows the perfect observation of hyperthermia zones and reliefs. With an exceptional CRI (colour rendering index) of 95 out of 100, the colour rendering is neither too hot nor too cold. Enough blue for clarity, but without reducing contrast. Enough red for contrast, but without hindering the examination of red areas like Kiesselbach’s vascular stain. SMARTLED 5500, all colour shades for ultra-precise diagnosis!

tympan otoscope

Fits in any pocket

The Smartled 5500 otoscope has been designed to support practitioners on a daily basis: light and small, with its ergonomic handle, it fits in any pocket. Equipped with a fastening clip with switch, it switches off when it touches your pocket.
Spengler comfort and precision for every day use.

otoscope pour particulier

Standard or rechargeable batteries, it’s your choice

Because Smartled 5500 is an exceptional instrument we have designed it in 2 versions

Les avis de nos clients

otoscope pour particulier

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