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The Spengler pharmaceutical company offers adapted solutions: first aid kits, medicinal oxygen cylinders, insufflators, resuscitation masks, first aid accessories and MONO (Mixture of Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide).
For a health professional, Spengler is the assurance of having operational equipment and being able to meet their obligations.

As a pharmaceutical company, Spengler complies with the regulations related to the sale of gases for medical use, under the supervision of our Pharmacist Manager.

Location de bouteilles d'oxygène médical

Oxygen can save lives

“Oxygen inhalation is necessary for any victim in distress with a respiratory rate greater than 6 movements per minute and whose pulse oxygen saturation measurement indicates a value of less than 94%. In the absence of the possibility of measuring SpO2, oxygen inhalation is systematic if the victim presents obvious vital distress or is given on medical indication.” First Aid Recommendations, September 2014 version

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Fear and Pain are no longer necessary.

MONO is an equimolar gas Mixture consisting of Oxygen (50%) and Nitrous Oxide (50%), marketed under the name ANTASOL.

MONO allows for conscious sedation during minor surgery. The development of the use of MONO in France is inevitable given the benefits to patients and healthcare professionals. Inhalation of MONO promotes the establishment of a climate of trust between health care personnel and the patient.

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+33(0)6 78 39 61 63

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Peur et Douleur

Spengler institute

Spengler at the heart of the abyss

A world premiere. During the AIDA 2019 Apnea World Championships, the Spengler pharmaceutical company confirmed its commitment to a spectacular and fascinating discipline. Under the responsibility of Carl Willem, the federal doctor of the French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports (FFESSM), member of the hyperbaric chamber...

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