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In 1907 our first sphygmomanometer invented with Professors Henri Vaquez and Charles Laubry revolutionized the medical world… in 2019 our Vaquez-Laubry sphygmomanometer is still appreciated by doctors loyal to this revisited manual cuff.
A perfect combination of tradition and modernity, it brings comfort and precision, as do all Spengler instruments. The large volume of the pear allows fast inflation and the double tubing allows a linear pressure increase.

VL-Classic EN

A vintage look and beautiful materials for an iconic medical gesture.

The iconic piece of leather holding the manometer on a cotton armband embodies the iconic character of the legendary Vaquez-Laubry sphygmomanometer.
Generations of doctors have used this mechanism since 1907!


Straps or velcro, the freedom of choice

Our Vaquez-Laubry Classic sphygmomanometer is available with a choice of two closures: a strap closure as on the original model, to keep the spirit of the original Vaquez-Laubry and guarantee reliability and durability and
a velcro closure to provide convenience and speed of movement, while maintaining the same reliability.

tensiomètre hopital
tensiomètre brassard

Cuffs for everyone

The accuracy of a sphygmomanometer depends on the correct fit of the cuff to the patient’s arm size. So L, M or S, there’s a cuff fit for everyone with the Vaquez-Laubry Classic.


Durability that stands the test of time

To strengthen the resistance and longevity of the Vaquez-Laubry, we have equipped it with a metal case and a manometer cover made of shock-resistant foam. Because the life of a sphygmomanometer is never easy!

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