Doppler Spengler

3 in 1 pocket size

Listen to me

DOPPLER is a clever instrument that has more than one trick up its sleeve! It is compatible with 3 available probes and thus means practitioners on the move can always have the right instrument at the right time. Its large colour LCD screen makes it easy to read the heart rate, its battery gauge prevents unwanted breakdowns, and the power of the wave is clearly indicated. Precision and lightness for a perfect diagnosis, signed by SPENGLER.

doppler foetal

Versatility of 3 probes

The 3 compatible probes are angled for improved ergonomy. The fetal probe allows a reliable and accurate fetal examination (2 MHz), the vascular probe is designed for vascular and IPS examination (5 MHz), and the last probe offers a cardiac examination (8 MHz). They are sold separately to meet your specific needs. SPENGLER thinks about every detail of the practitioner’s daily life.


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