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SPENGLER precision

SPENGLER’s French background gives it a culture of grace and creativity centered on the health practitioner.

More than any other brand, SPENGLER is an assurance of perfect quality and precision acclaimed by the medical profession for more than a century.

Mechanical or electronic, every SPENGLER sphygmomanometer is designed to deliver a very high performance level.

Tensiomètres mécaniques

Mechanical sphygmomanometers
The reference since 1907

When Emile Spengler invented the very first sphygmomanometer with professors Henry Vaquez and Charles Laubry, he revolutionized medical diagnosis with an extraordinary level of precision and performance.

Choosing a Spengler sphygmomanometer is the choice of experience and unique expertise. Since 1907, our expertise has made SPENGLER the reference in terms of blood pressure measurement.


Lian Classic

Lian NM

Lian Métal

Lian Nano

Vaquez Laubry Classic

Vaquez Laubry Nano



Blood pressure monitors
Electronic SPENGLER precision

Above and beyond our unique expertise, SPENGLER is the partner of the most demanding professionals, such as those at the Hypertension Research Foundation, with whom we conceive and design the instruments of the future.
Our blood pressure monitors are used daily in hypertension screening campaigns, in hospitals or directly at home.

Technical Information

Autotensio Arm

Autotensio Wrist

Tensonic Arm

Tensonic Wrist

ES 60

accessoires tensiomètre Spengler

Accessories for Spengler’s sphygmomanometers

Discover a selection of accessories for Spengler mechanical sphygmomanometers or blood pressure monitors.

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