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Blood pressure measurement
at the heart of communities

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Designed for professional and intensive use, the SPENGLER ES 60 BPM is highly appreciated by old people’s homes, medical practices and hospitals. It is rugged, accurate and easy to use, with SPENGLER’s signature design in every detail. Three sizes of cuffs are available as options to suit all patient morphologies.

Tensiomètre électronique professionnel ES-60 précision

SPENGLER precision excellence

The ES 60 electronic sphygmomanometer benefits from SPENGLER’s 110 years of experience in measuring hypertension. Its MAM technology makes it an instrument recognized and renowned for the accuracy of its measurements.

Tensiomètre électronique professionnel ES-60 brassard

Ready for a daily marathon

The ES 60 is equipped with a very large memory: its battery life of 1000 measurements and 60 memories is an invaluable aid for practitioners in a collective environment. An instrument that withstands intensive use.


Recognized by the British Hypertension Society

Recognition of the ES 60 by the British Hypertension Society is a guarantee of excellence and reliability.

Tensiomètre électronique professionnel ES-60 sur socle

On wheels to take it everywhere

The ES 60 blood pressure monitor can be mounted on a wheeled base with a cuff basket. Because we study the daily gestures of practitioners, we think about the details that make the difference and bring comfort every day. A wall mounting kit is also available.

Tensiomètre électronique professionnel ES-60 sur socle

Les avis de nos clients

Tensiomètre électronique professionnel ES-60 sur socle

Spengler institute

Discover DepistHTA, the free application that helps to interpret blood pressure figures

Discover DEPISTHTA. the Hypertension Research Foundation (FRHTA), a foundation recognized as a public utility, launched the DEPIST HTA application in September 2019. Why launch DEPISTHTA : the HTA affects more than 10 million French people, the declared rates of prevalences are largely underestimated: more than 50%...

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