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Smartlight is an otoscope with conventional illumination that, like all Spengler instruments, offers precision and comfort of use. Ideal for general ENT diagnostics, practitioners appreciate its compact and lightweight design and the details that make the difference.

otoscope connecté

To see all the colours

Developed with the SPENGLER Institute and the SPENGLER LAB, SMARTLIGHT’s colorimetry allows perfect observation of hyperthermia zones and reliefs. With an exceptional CRI of 90 out of 100, the colour rendering is neither too hot nor too cold. Enough blue for clarity, but without reducing contrast. Enough red for contrast, but without preventing the examination of red areas such as Kiesselbach’s vascular stain. SMARTLIGHT, all shades of colour for a diagnosis that makes a difference!


A powerful and homogeneous light

SMARTLIGHT offers Xenon/Halogen technology for a powerful and homogeneous 24,000 lumens lighting. Seeing the right colors to make a reliable and fast diagnosis, a SPENGLER commitment.

otoscope spengler

Small but solid

With its bi-material ABS and brass head, the SMARTLIGHT otoscope is shock resistant and can support practitioners in their daily marathon. Fitted with an attachment clip with switch and 2 sizes of speculums, it will not let you down in your ENT diagnostics.

tympan otoscope

See the smallest details in large and up close

A x 4 magnifier completes the SMARTLIGHT equipment. Everything is designed to facilitate rapid, precise medical examination.

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