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For more than 30 years, Magister has been the reference stethoscope for many practitioners. It is recognizable for its bright colour range and ergonomic look. Spengler precision is present as ever: with a double stainless steel chest-piece and tubing designed to insulate unwanted noises, its high acoustic quality is guaranteed. The master of your diagnostics inside or outside the practice!


Adult and bell, a multi-purpose double chest-piece

The chest-piece is made of stainless steel, with an adult side and a bell side. It is equipped with a dual-frequency diaphragm. By exerting a light pressure you key in to the vascular and heart frequencies and firm pressure gives you the lung frequencies. The chest-piece is connected to a single tube with a high-performance duct that insulates a lot of parasitic noise. MAGISTER: for focusing on the essential, the health of your patient!


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Spengler institute

Genesis of marvels

Since its origins in 1907, SPENGLER has invented and revolutionized medical diagnosis with the principle goal of helping all health professionals to improve their accuracy and efficiency in their daily work. New stethoscopes PULSE II, MAGISTER II and CARDIOPRESTIGE II are the incarnations...

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