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Infrared technology for high precision and immediacy, and a frontal or ear temperature reading for essential versatility. The TEMPO DUO thermometer offers SPENGLER performance and convenience for the general public. Its backlit display is very practical for night-time temperature taking with children. An ally of all families, large or small, with its 10 memories.


One button, so as to never make a mistake

A single button allows temperature to be taken quickly and reliablly without fear of mishandling. Calibration is performed automatically when changing between front/auricular mode.

Thermomètre auriculaire et frontal Tempo Duo rétro-éclairé

Backlit to avoid waking up the kids

TEMPO DUO is an infrared thermometer equipped with a backlit screen with the display of the three colours (green, orange, red) to give an immediate diagnosis. Reliable measurement for effective monitoring of symptoms and dialogue with doctors. SPENGLER performance at home.

Les avis de nos clients

Thermomètre auriculaire et frontal Tempo Duo rétro-éclairé

Spengler institute

Attention to detail

Spengler's latest sphygmomanometer, the MOBI, is the result of many years of design, work, prototyping and testing. Since 1907, we have been paying special attention to detail, the hallmark of a Spengler sphygmomanometer. Magic at your fingertips. The Mobi sphygmomanometer is equipped with our latest generation...

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