The Spengler Holtex Group


Created in 2019 and cemented through a geographical merger in December of the same year, the Spengler Holtex Group aims to build an ambitious, forward-looking group capable of overcoming the challenges linked to the changes in our markets.

This international group, symbolized through a logo representing each of the two group companies, aims to strengthen each of the brands individually.



Inventor of the sphygmomanometer, the iconic brand of medical diagnosis now has more resources at its disposal to devise and design the future of medicine.

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La marque iconique



By becoming a distributor of Spengler instruments, Holtex has announced itself as a key player for medical equipment retailers in France and abroad. Holtex has thus consolidated its strong background in service and distribution.

Few words on Holtex


Holtex has been manufacturing medical equipment and distributing the leading brands to healthcare professionals and individuals in France and abroad since 1980.
From its origins, Holtex has been manufacturing medical instrumentation renowned for its excellent value for money. With several thousands references in stock, this company has nevertheless maintained a people-friendly face and is positioned as the reference in medical instrumentation.
Over the years, and always as a manufacturer, Holtex has oriented itself towards all types of equipment required by doctors, nurses, medical practices and health care institutions:
– Furniture: couches, examination lamps, steps, pedestal tables, and other useful furniture for the comfort of the professional’s work,
– Medical wear, including blouses, tunics, nautical style coats, trousers, patients’ shirts, clogs and even accessories such as nursing watches,
– Bags and cases, in different models and colours, to facilitate daily travel for doctors and nurses.