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What is your role in the
Spengler Institute ?


Since its beginnings, the SPENGLER Institute has been run by men and women, all of whom have a common ambition, to improve medicine.

Nothing is mandatory here. You choose whether or not you wish to participate in the project, depending on your interest in the subject, or the time you have to devote to it.
Some examples of the role you can play?

Répondre à des questionnaires

Responding to surveys

They permit us to better understand the problems you encounter on a daily basis, or give us your opinions on specific subjects. They only take a few minutes, but their impact can play a key role and be the starting point for major projects.

Participer à des études

Participating in studies

Either in small groups or in face-to-face meetings, we discuss ideas, concepts or daily issues. Together we try to devise the medical devices of tomorrow.

Tester des prototypes

Testing prototypes

Before marketing a new medical device, we run multiple tests under real conditions. As such, you may be asked to test more or less advanced prototypes and help us to improve them by giving us your feedback.

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