Designed to provide light

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With LITESTICK, SPENGLER has invented a penlight designed to light up! An intense white light from a LED bulb in a colourful looking aluminium pen. Design and performance for a 100% SPENGLER instrument.

Lampe stylo Litestick

Featherweight but maxi solid

The LITESTICK’s aluminium structure guarantees lightness and resistance in everyday life. Essential details for a pleasant and easy everyday use.

Lampe stylo Litestick argent

Focusing on light

There is nothing more powerful than an LED bulb. The beam is precise, homogeneous and constant. In addition, the batteries last a long time because energy consumption is very low. LITESTICK, the stylish lamp to illuminate your ENT diagnostics!

Lampe stylo Litestick rouge

Les avis de nos clients

Lampe stylo Litestick rouge

Spengler institute

Mobi wins the RED DOT AWARD 2019

While the aneroid (mechanical) sphygmomanometer, invented by Emile Spengler, has been used by almost all health professionals since 1907, it has not changed significantly for more than a century. The new MOBI sphygmomanometer...

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