Master Palm 2 & 3

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With Master Palm 2 & 3, you have an oximeter for every patient, thanks to a wide choice of sensors, all designed to fit your patients.


Sensors for all your patients

With the wide range of sensors, adult, pediatric, rigid, flexible silicone, finger or ear, the oximeters 2 & 3 are precision instruments adapted to all your patients. Spengler details that make the difference.


Ultra-professional accuracy

Equipped with a rotating HD screen, plethysmography curve display, or NellcorOximax technology (for Master Palm 3), Master Palm offers a very high level of precision and perfect readability.

Its memories and programmable alarm also allow it to be transformed into a monitor to monitor the patient’s saturation.

Les avis de nos clients


Spengler institute

Spengler at the heart of the abyss

A world premiere. During the AIDA 2019 Apnea World Championships, the Spengler pharmaceutical company confirmed its commitment to a spectacular and fascinating discipline. Under the responsibility of Carl Willem, the federal doctor of the French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports (FFESSM), member of the hyperbaric chamber...

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