Spengler at the heart of the abyss


A world premiere

During the AIDA 2019 Apnea World Championships, the Spengler pharmaceutical company confirmed its commitment to a spectacular and fascinating discipline.

Under the responsibility of Carl Willem, the federal doctor of the French Federation of Underwater Studies and Sports (FFESSM), member of the hyperbaric chamber of the Nice university hospital (CHU), a new treatment for athletes was born, a world first which proved essential from day one of the world championships.
Using small oxygen bottles placed on the surface of the water, rescuers can attend to athletes suffering from hypoxia without delay.

SPO2 SPENGLER bottle during AIDA apnea world championships.


Spengler’s involvement did not stop on the surface of the water however, but also extended to the recovery platform where larger volume oxygen cylinders were provided, as well as blood pressure and pulse oximeters to ensure the availability of perfect care for athletes during hypoxic accidents.


A model to reproduce

The system put in place by Carl Willem and the entire medical staff at the world championships proved to be particularly effective in the face of the fairly large number of hypoxic accidents during these world championships. The athletes were treated very quickly, thus limiting any aggravation. A system that should be reproduced for other similar events.

Discover the importance of medical oxygen for the deep apneist (video)