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Created in response to our research with engineers from the Ecole Centrale and the CNRS Acoustics Laboratory in Marseille, France, Magister 2 is part of our new range of stethoscopes pushes the limits of medical diagnosis and allows you to hear the imperceptible! Multi-purpose by excellence, it ensures a remarkable diagnostic performance in all circumstances. With single or double stainless steel chest-pieces and its floating diaphragm, it is a master of precision and comfort. All you have to do is choose its colour, black or metal.

stéthoscope étudiant médecine

A heayweight chest-piece

Because stainless steel offers the best acoustic properties, this is what we have used for the design of the stethoscope chest-pieces on the Magister II stethoscopes. In addition, we have increased the thickness where necessary to enhance the acoustics. More material for more resonance. But also an anti-cold ring around the headpiece for patient comfort.


Remarkable in double chest-piece,

Stunning as simple,
Exceptional in both cases

The new Magister 2 stethoscopes deliver exceptional acoustics, making it possible to perceive the imperceptible. Available in single or double chest-piece format, we have brought the same finesse of listening to both these precision instruments.

stéthoscope coeur

A red dot which makes the difference

For stethoscopes with a double chest-piece, we have included a simple red dot that indicates the active side of the chest-piece, whether adult or pediatric, to help you detect correct placement immediately and easily. We came by this idea through observation of doctors, an idea as simple as a dot but which revolutionizes the use of the stethoscope offering time saving and practicality of use.

a quoi sert un stéthoscope

Multi-frequency listening

Present on the double and single chest-piece versions, the floating diaphragm offers two listening levels: light pressure for low frequencies (vascular and cardiac), firm pressure for high frequencies (pulmonary). Yet more versatility of use that meets the daily needs of practitioners and is a sign of Spengler excellence, performance, quality and comfort.

stéthoscope spengler

Ergonomics for cuffs

Suitable for use with cuffs, Magister II stethoscopes are designed with thin edges, perfectly suited for slipping under the cuff ends of the blood pressure monitor. The result: ease of use in everyday life. A design resulting from our research at SPENGLER LAB and our working groups with practitioners. It is by listening to you that we can offer the details that make the difference.

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Spengler institute

Genesis of marvels

Since its origins in 1907, SPENGLER has invented and revolutionized medical diagnosis with the principle goal of helping all health professionals to improve their accuracy and efficiency in their daily work. New stethoscopes PULSE II, MAGISTER II and CARDIOPRESTIGE II are the incarnations...

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