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The rugged and enduring

Ambidextrous sphygmomanometer


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Are you looking for a sphygmomanometer that can be used by all practitioners, both left-handed and right-handed, and that can be passed from hand to hand several times an hour without ever malfunctioning?
The LIAN NM is for you! Like all SPENGLER sphygmomanometers, it is both precise and comfortable to use. In addition, it features an easy connection system with a screw thread for changing the cuff to fit the patient.
Recognizable by its blue colour, it is the professional sphygmomanometer by excellence.
LIAN NM, the blood pressure monitor always ready for all practitioners and patients!

Lian-NM EN

Ambidextrous, can be used on the left and right


The special feature of the LIAN NM sphygmomanometer is the central pressure relief valve, which makes it comfortable for both right and left-handed users.
No more questions, it can be switched from hand to hand and enjoys periods of intensive work, both in and out of the surgery.

tensiomètre pédiatrique

A well-rounded arm

The LIAN NM is available with a wide range of cuffs, six sizes from XSS for children to XL for adults, and in two materials, nylon or cotton, in different colours. Their SPENGLER velcro closure ensures perfect support and practicality of use.
From the smallest to the largest, there is always a SPENGLER cuff to suit your patient!

Brassard pour tensiomètre
tensiomètre manuel spengler

Easy and quick connector

Thanks to a connector designed like a screw thread, the cuff can be changed quickly and always provides the right size cuff for any patient. The reliability of your measurements depends on it, and SPENGLER is committed to give you the best tools for precision medicine.

tensiomètre hopital

Ergonomic for all usages

The pear’s shape offers perfect ergonomy for all healthcare professionals. Its large volume offers comfort in daily use. Generations of doctors have been using this mechanism since 1907!

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tensiomètre hopital

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