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As the inventor of the sphygmomanometer and a French manufacturer of precision devices designed for medical diagnosis, our mission is to design the instruments of the future. Our aim is to combine design, comfort, precision and performance, to satisfy the daily needs of healthcare professionals and enhance your relationship with the patient.


Notre héritage, notre ADN

Our legacy, our DNA


Pioneer since 1907!
Our nature: listening, freeing up energy and hatching new ideas.
At Spengler, we are among those who dare, those who do not hesitate to change the status quo. We have the creative audacity to push the limits of medical diagnosis.
When Emile Spengler invented the first sphygmomanometer in 1907, with professors Charles Laubry and Henri Vaquez, he revolutionized medical diagnosis, bringing medicine into the modern era with an unprecedented level of precision and performance.


Notre héritage, notre ADN

Our values



The invention of the sphygmomanometer took blood pressure measurement to an unprecedented level of accuracy. The instrument is an iconic object that still exists today, more than 110 years after this revolution.



Mobi, our latest tensiometer is an excellent combination of aesthetics, cleverly designed to improve use and accuracy. The lifelink tubing and the new cuff are two of its flagship products.

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By inventing the sphygmomanometer, Emile Spengler did not only revolutionize the accuracy of blood pressure monitoring. He created a non-invasive technique, putting patient comfort at a level never previously achieved.