Mobi wins the RED DOT AWARD 2019


The new MOBI sphygmomanometer wins the RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2019


While the aneroid (mechanical) sphygmomanometer, invented by Emile Spengler, has been used by almost all health professionals since 1907, it has not changed significantly for more than a century.

The new MOBI sphygmomanometer had the ambitious goal of succeeding its big brother, the Vaquez-Laubry, and taking up the torch of innovation, which is very much part of Spengler’s DNA.

It took more than 5 years of work and testing to develop the MOBI, but in the end the work paid off as the MOBI won the prestigious RED DOT DESIGN AWARD 2019, for its design as well as for its ingenious and revolutionary conception.


A few of the MOBI’s innovations :

  • The “Lifelink” tubing, magnetic tubing that allows the cuff to be changed in an instant, thus improving the accuracy of the measurement.
  • The “Easycuff” cuff, designed in TPU for easy cleaning and disinfection, its innovative shape allows to see immediately if the cuff is adapted to the patient’s morphology.
  • The pear, has also been revised, its softer shapes and increased volume allowing greater adaptability to all morphologies and offering unprecedented inflation comfort.


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At SPENGLER we don’t develop instruments to look good, but create medical diagnostic instruments so that doctors can focus on their diagnosis. The MOBI was developed with this in mind. One of the innovations was born out of the latest recommendations to adapt the cuff to the patient’s morphology. We have therefore designed the LIFELINK, a magnetic connector for quick cuff changes.  Nicolas Lachaux Marketing and Innovation Manager



The Red Dot Design Award is an international design and product development prize awarded by Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany.