Discover the Hypertension Tracker « suivi HTA », the free application that allows you to monitor your blood pressure, analyze the results and share them with your doctor

Blood pressure

 Who is this application intended for?

The app is intended for patients treated for high blood pressure, but also for patients with suspected hypertension.

What is this application for?

The application enables self-measurement using the protocol validated by experts from the Arterial Hypertension Research Foundation. It allows you to receive personalized advice, immediately after taking your self-measurement. With this application, you will be able to analyze and monitor your blood pressure, as well as send the report to your doctor.

Why carry out a self-measurement?

The self-measurement consists of measuring blood pressure in the morning (3 measurements) and in the evening (3 measurements) for 3 days in a row. According to the French « High Health Autority », self-measurement helps the doctor in the management of hypertensive patients in the following circumstances:

  • Confirm hypertension
  • Estimate the effectiveness of the treatment
  • In case of white coat effect
  • In case of resistant hypertension

What do I need to perform this analysis?

The application, available for free on Android and iOS, is designed to adapt to all electronic blood pressure monitors, arm or wrist, regardless of the brand.

However, upper arm blood pressure monitors are highly recommended, such as the TENSONIC electronic blood pressure monitor from SPENGLER, validated by the FRHTA. The position of the arm has less influence on the accuracy of the measurement. The TENSONIC SPENGLER is available for purchase by following this link:

When to use the app?

For a doctor: recommend the application to his patients in the following circumstances:

– Suspected hypertension

– Monitoring an antihypertensive treatment

For the patient: for monitoring high blood pressure

How does the application work?

Blood pressure