A story of heart, a national and public service campaign


The operation « a story oh heart» was developed to support our partner FRHTA (Foundation for Research on Hypertension), a foundation recognized as a public utility, in the fight that brings us together.

It bears the name “A story of heart” because of the obvious relationship to the organ that gives us life, but also because this operation was built by integrating a historical partner of Spengler, the association HUMANI CHER in its health actions carried out in sub-Saharan Africa and Madagascar.

With this operation, we simply invite you to return your old blood pressure monitor to acquire a new one, recommended and validated by experts and compatible with depistHTA and suiviHTA apps


What do we do with your old blood pressure monitor?

  • Your old blood pressure monitor works : we offer it to the HUMANI CHER association which will train and equip populations in great sanitary and medical distress.
  • Your old blood pressure monitor doesn’t work anymore : we recycle it to take care of the planet.
opération histoire de coeur
Mechanism of the “a story of heart” operation

A public utility system

Carried out by the FRHT, a foundation recognized as being of public utility, the objective of the operation “a story from heart” is to promote 2 revolutionary applications in the fight against high blood pressure.
These 2 free apps have been developed by FRHTA, to allow everyone to have a reliable management of their hypertension.

A national device

Launched on September 15th, 2020, the “A story from heart” operation will be present in medical equipment stores and pharmacies that are partners of the operation, and throughout the country.

flash code suiviHTA
flash code suivi HTA